The greatest show on earth

It dawned on me today that I’ve followed almost the entire medical school education of Ozge through her blog. I read about study strategies, notes, old medical books, and the daily grind. I knew that a lot of study went into medical school, but in reality I didn’t have much of a real-life idea until reading about it on regular basis.


Medicine and science are so advanced, we know not our own ignorance more than ever. This breeds all kinds of dangerous egos, ones fed by access to technologies that we the users feel an extension of our own intelligence. But science is becoming a sort of voodoo practice against which groups rally with pitchforks – all because general lack of understanding. We want technology, medicine and to explore the universe, but as a whole put up roadblocks for those able to deliver it.

Margaret Atwood explains in Payback the ill sentiments towards the grain-mill owner and his family; the mill being one of the first large scale business service industries that could rob without you knowing it, for who could tell exactly how much flower was due from one bag of grain? When those delivering the solutions don’t struggle financially, or worse, are well-to-do, the suspicions and rumours start a life of their own.


So here is the simple game plan:

1. Suspect your own motives, and all excuses. [And motives of others.] (Christopher Hitchens)
2. Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. (Horace Mann)

Ozge tells in one of her early posts how when she was growing up, she pretended that reading books gave her superpowers – a wonderfully simple rendering of a big idea.

A nod to the canon.

Send in the clowns

I commented an article knowing full well that in most likelihood it will not get published. The knowledge that someone must read it as part of the rejection process was enough to get my keyboard and soapbox out. My second paragraph reuses phrases which the author quotes of others with pious delight.

A rather verbose column – Mr. Bergman is obviously deeply passionate about the subject. Unfortunately from first to last paragraph the content is tripe.

As the article unfolds one is left with a deepening feeling that the only science experience Mr. Bergman can possibly have is in being a test subject in a windowless, damp lab manned by ‘zealots and cranks’ suffering from ‘misplaced confidence.’

Science fraud epidemic – Factors driving the increase in science fraud today are many, but include a rejection of Christian moral absolutes.

Epidemic? Christian moral absolutes?

“Send in the Clowns”
“Don’t bother. They’re here.”

World religions poster

Major World Religions poster

Many atheists have very poor critical thinking skills. That’s what worries me the most – what keeps me up at night. I now debate religion less and less, and instead work to bring to the foreground the likes of Carl Sagan. If a person takes time to listen to the likes of Mr. Sagan, they will not only free themselves from God but will be also left with much better critical thinking skills.

The world has enough atheists. What it now needs are people that have bullshit filters as sharp as Occam’s razor, and who are not afraid to use their intellect to steer right those clearly wrong and continuing to persist with their ignorance to everyone’s detriment.

I’m off to the country to chop some wood. Tomorrow I’ll be back to straining my mental capacities programming. Programming is a cold, pure, austere logic world, which is probably why I keep going back to it. That and the fact that it pays the bills…

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George at the airport

Airport security is a stupid idea. It’s a waste of money and it’s only there for one reason – to make white people feel safe. — George Carlin

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Let’s not “Rush” to judgement

rush limbaugh first second third fourth wife

Few people manage to defy logic as often and as spectacular as Limbaugh does.

… I learned early on that most debates on this question are vapid or worse, since what we are discussing is not a form of sex, or not only a form of sex, but a form of love. As such, it must command respect.
— Christopher Hitchens

Cruisin for a bruisin

Someone I know wrote ‎”… any think you can dream!!! and free staff.” I say to them ‘I beat thee with the free staff for the massacre you’ve inflicted on your mother tongue.’ Furthermore, I feel no guilt for beating you with the said staff. You’ve given me the tools, and the reasons too.

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Apostasy denied

Had a squabble with a priest today, right on church ground. I’m certain he never did recover from the shock of my not addressing him as father, and was slightly disappointed he did not try and call me “my child,” for which instance I’ve prepared words of condemnation ahead of time. (These terms are much more common in the Polish language than the English.)

The polish RC church does not follow Vatican protocol and demands witnesses for apostasy. I knew that ahead of time, and was well prepared. The priest however mumbled something about needing to bring in a higher priest from out of the city.

“All this difficulty? It was easy getting in, wasn’t it? Why do you put barriers up on exit?” (The universal answer being “it’s a money and greed thing.”)

“It wasn’t easy getting in” he replied.

“Getting me signed up in here was someone else’s mistake, one I’m here to rectify.”

Thursday I am going back, with two options for the church:

You cross me out of your evil book of baptisms, and confirm my apostasy, and I let you be – I don’t believe in God, in none. If however you continue with the guerilla tactics on my apostasy, here is a message for you:

I’ve the means to take this all the way up the EU courts. Your filthy behaviour in trying to discourage people from leaving your sick organisation will cost you significantly more than you are getting on my account from Poland’s corrupt Government. I speak fluent German, English and Polish – I will take care of everything with greater agility than that with which your organisation robs people.

Let me leave now, don’t make me come back here again to serve you with papers of much more inconvenient nature. And just to be clear, at this point I will be happy with what ever path you choose. I will be happy forgetting about you and your kind with the signing of my apostasy, but just as eager for you to give me that one last reason to take you on full force and pave the way for others less determined to leave here for good. So help you your sick, sick God, amen.

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Embrace life

Wear your seat belts.
Preach. Yell. Force. Convince.
Now, silence. Quiet.
Just watch.

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