Publishing my first book April 18th, 2011.
I might not be around much until then.

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The built in commenting system is for the time being replaced with an external one. It comes with the option for notification on new replies, and a few other neat features. If it ends up being more trouble than it’s worth, no comments will be lost when the built in system is again enabled. Feedback is welcome. Of course, so are comments. :)

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New Look

How’s this for a fresh new look?
Yes, there still are things that are not working, but at this hour neither is my brain.
Just stay tuned, okay?

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Million Words

I know I’ve been keeping hush in recent weeks, and blame everything on the now live “Million Words” area of Hergest Ridge. (At the time of writing, it was permalinked under the Pages section in the right column.) While you probably don’t care, it’s powered by Gallery2. The folks behind the project deserve a lot more than a single, lousy paragraph of gratitude with a backlink, but I have to start somewhere. Thank you, guys and gals!

The photo albums will be expanded over time, with new ones added on occasion. Some of the pics in it were ripped from Facebook – an act I hope will go unavenged. Truly, I’m not aiming to make anyone feel self conscious – the display of your pictures in my photo album is a sort of passive compliment, if such a thing is possible. The same goes for any photos I’ve taken personally, and added without asking for blessings. Most folks best enjoy pictures that contain some sort of human element – please allow me to add to the concept for the greater benefit.

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Ghost Town

Have I forgotten about this blog? No. Not at all. I have tons of ideas for pieces I’d like to write, but a lot less time to get them down. I hope to finally post a tiny entry I’ve been working on for a week. Maybe the delays are the result of trying to make it too short, but the point and case will greatly benefit from conciseness. I think this piece can be partially blamed for reduction in post count, so I really want to get it out there before the weekend is out. Incidentally, the phrase ‘the weekend is out’ has become a lot more depressing over the last couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll explain in another post. Right now, lunch time with the sister and mom whom just got back from Europe.

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Reading Corner Announced

On the right hand side, I’ve added a new section titled “Reading Corner”. If you enjoy the material here at Hergest Ridge, you might also enjoy some of the books I’m into as they’re often the inspiration for my entries.

In other news, a monkey escaped the local zoo. The mischievous vixen was last seen on Notre Dame Avenue wrestling control of an ice cream cart. Reports of attacks on banana-eating pedestrians are numerous. Children are advised to stay clear of all ice cream vendors in the area until the fugitive is back behind bars.

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On The Move

The separation of Church and State is pending – er, I mean the separation of SimpleBlog and Bytech (keep fighting for the earlier). Today, a whisper of creativity came over me, and on my desk lie the results: a list of potential names. That’s right, SimpleBlog will soon move to its very own domain, and get a new title, too.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you guess at the new location of the blog. A notice with the new address will replace this blog when the move is complete. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue my provocative commentary right here, so stick around!

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Link Love

I’ve added a few new links to the External Goodies section, including my YouTube and profiles. You won’t find any vids of mine on YouTube, only favs, but that may change soon. The mod for choosing link order is not doing its job, so links are listed alphabetically and not by order of importance.

Akismet has been busy keeping the blog spam free, and passed the ’10K spam removed’ mark, early Saturday morning. Thanks go to the Akismet folks, for they rule!

With this entry, the total posts for the month is 10. Why is this so special? Because 10 is the highest number of entries in a month since the blog went online over a year ago. With a couple more entries ready for publishing, a new high will be set any day now.

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