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So it goes

Eight years of musings, photos, and heart felt comments. The pages of this blog probably say more about me than I realise or would like openly stated. It was mainly a quiet place, and while my ambitions for it might have sometimes been more than materialised, in many a way I am glad it stayed personal and mostly intimate.

Thank you for coming and commenting. Thank you for the good conversations we had that so often nudged me to write. For now it’s good-bye, while the pieces of me I’ve sown between the pages here remain as an archive.


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Ana Tijoux 1977

I got this watching Breaking Bad – SoundHound recognised it and sent the link. I still get excited at these sort of possibilities. Tomorrow I’ll look up the text translation. :)

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She read about people


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Aww, gosh

Mad adopts squirrel, makes half the world go awwwww. But I wonder: did he load the tiny creature with children’s Tylenol and posed it around, and, is this curiosity of mine mixed with skepticism healthy?


I nominate the photo series for next week’s universal unicorn-chaser. Whatever you need chasing, this droopy squirrel will do. It doesn’t look like much, but it’ll repel the vilest ideas.

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Stalk me

Śledź in Polish can mean ‘follow’ or ‘stalk’ (verb) – one word for two that are similar but quite different. These linguistic nuances often come at me with full surprise and I only noticed this one when I read “Stalk me on Twitter” written bold on a polish blog. Sorry and excuse me are also represented in polish by a single word, so are sky and heaven. And just to keep everyone on their toes, that very first word above has a third meaning: herring.

Lest you think Polish is obviously poor when it comes to vocabulary, it has gems that I miss when using English. There’s an excellent word for a 24 hour cycle, doba. The other word that comes to mind is ‘zajebiste’ which is an accepted way of expressing joy, as in ‘fucking awesome’ but at the penalty level that you might get for saying ‘shit’ around your gran.

There are many other nuances that don’t have to do with vocabulary. I know my limitations said in Polish and translated directly back to English is said I know my capabilities, a ‘glass half full’ approach compared with English. Alas, I leave you with something beautiful of the musical variety – a song from an album titled I speak because I can. Fitting indeed.

Alpha Shallows by Laura Marling on Grooveshark

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Fjara, then Prague

About to close up my suitcase and head out the door for a bus headed to Prague. Fjara fills my flat for what must be a fifth time this morning. What a strange song, like a prayer chant, rising louder when it fails to materialise anything important or meaningful. I imagine these the last words sung to what by the end of the track is a dead God.

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